… the potential costs and risks of litigation appear high

… a tough opponent needs to be brought to court

… litigation is not part of your day-to-day and lawyers are costly … 

Ceverum can help free up time, resources, and capital to focus on your business.


The prospect of negotiation and litigation can be:


Distracting (non-core business).




There is a way to use litigation financing to:

Move costs and risk off-balance sheet.

Free up capital for core business activities.

Optimize risk management.

Increase budget certainty.

Improve recovery prospects.

Ceverum aims to provide tailor-made financing and purchase solutions to claimholders

Ceverum is a dedicated investment vehicle created in 2020 by Lucens Capital, a private equity firm founded to capitalize on value and growth opportunities in the small- and mid-market space (www.lucenscapital.com).

Ceverum aims to provide tailormade solutions to BARBUSS’ clients’ needs.

Ceverum may buy or finance litigation claims, helping claimholders offload risk and maximize recovery prospects.

Ceverum has partnered with BARBUSS to manage its claims. Your claim will be handled by the same team that you have come to trust.

Ceverum can help you transform claims into valuable assets by either

Assuming your litigation costs and fees

Ceverum covers all litigation costs (e.g. lawyer and expert fees, court costs, translation expenses, costs of producing evidence) and you retain a share of the proceeds.

No downside, only upside.


Buying the rights to your claim

We buy your case and you receive a cash payment, providing complete certainty.

Clients need only to sign an assignment of rights and Ceverum takes care of the rest.

No downside, only upside

If we win, then you recover a percentage of that award.
If we lose, you don’t have to pay anything.

Fees and expenses are fully covered by Ceverum. 100% risk-free.

Litigation financiers have no rights to manage the litigation in which they invest, and they do not seek to stand in clients’ shoes. This remains in full client’s purview.

Ceverum has partnered with BARBUSS to manage its claims. You can be certain that your claim will be handled by the same team that you have come to trust.


You receive a cash payment for your claim.

Clients need only to sign an assignment of rights and Ceverum takes care of the rest.

What are our investment criteria

Type of case | We invest in a full range of cases. We specialize in marine, non-marine, property and liability claims.

Merit | We seek the best possible outcome in cases where chances of success in court are high.

Jurisdiction | We prefer geographies where, based on past experience, we believe we have the upper hand.

Opponents | We claim against solvent carriers, against whom executing an award or a recovery will be possible.

Claim amount | We perform a data-driven cost-reward analysis.

How we add value?

We perform an independent assessment of risk-providing insights that can underscore the strengths of a case or highlight potential areas of weakness.

We then undertake economic analysis that includes the an risk/reward of taking on the case and reaching settlement at various points-potentially maximizing recovery prospects.

We aim to provide a risk-free solution for your recovery needs.

Our Process

Consider case merits
Free preliminary assesment.

Value the claim
Pricing is correlated to risk, stage of litigation, type of matter, and likely duration, among other factors.

Conduct due diligence
Confirm documentary evidence is in place, gather witness statements, etc.

Provide you with a financing or purchase offer.

Ceverum comes
into play

The MV LARGE SUN sunk off the coasts of Argentina. Total loss of cargo and several crew members perished.

All cargo on board was lost and only one insured covered by policy. Total loss of USD 2,200,000 which Cargo Underwriters had to indemnify.

Insolvency issues, only chance of securing assets was arresting other vessels from the Ship Owner’s fleet. (heavy expenses expected).

Underwriters were looking at 3 to 5 years of litigation to recover this matter, plus litigation costs and lawyers tees of at least USD 150,000 with no predictable outcome to be seen.

Ceverum approached the Cargo Underwritters with an immediate cash payment offer to be paid within days of subrogation taking place.

Cargo Underwriters accepts the offer and signs an assignment of rights valid under applicable jurisdiction involved in the matter.

Ceverum buys the case, is assigned with full rights to go after carrier in Court and proceeds with litigation on its own and assuming all risks.

What we offer

A close dialogue with clients throughout the process.


World class expertise.

Constant feedback and claim updates.

Result oriented mindset.

A Plan B for your uncertain recoveries.